Friday, July 17, 2009

Road Trip June 2009

Logan Baseball May 2009

Logan had a great season with his Super League Baseball Team the Cache Colts. He was the starting pitcher, but also played a number of other positions...I think his favorite was 3rd base. Here he is pitching, batting, and running. Oh and I have no idea why these guys and showed up on's never happened before!

Katelyn Dance Recital May 9, 2009

Katelyn has been taking ballet and tap again this year. Her recital went very well. She loves it and has learned a lot of new steps...her tap riffs are amazing! Here is a little taste...In the black leotard (Ballet Technique) dance Kate starts on the right side in the short sleeve black leotard and ends up in the middle. In the yellow costume (Ballet Performance Dance)Kate start in the middle, moves to the left side, and in the end is standing up on the back row on the right. In the newsies tap number Katelyn is the one in the brown nickers, light vest and plaid shirt. Enjoy!

Spence Soccer

Spencer played soccer again this spring. A couple of the games were rained (or snowed) out and at the end of the month he was saying he thought the season went too fast and wished there were more games to play.

Old School Fort

With such a wet spring, we spent a lot of time indoors. One day the kids were complaining about not being able to go out and play, so I showed them how we used to make forts using all of the chairs, stools, and blankets in the house. They thought it was awesome! They watched a movie and read books in their new hideout and mom had a good idea for a change!

Matthew....kickin' it

With Spencer playing soccer this spring, Matthew decided he better learn too.

It's in the Genes...

Here is Matthew showing you his very best Mozart impression...I especially loved how he took the sheet music down and repositioned it! I had to post this for all the pianists in the family.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Some of Matthew's First Steps

Happy New Year!

Jay has said since we got married how much he wants a, I broke down and bought him one this year for Christmas. Okay, so it wasn't exactly what he was hoping for;) We spent a few days putting it together and it will shortly find a place on a wall in his office. Logan also got a puzzle of something he!

A Warnick Christmas 2008

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spencer's Christmas Program Dec. 18, 2008

The Kindergarten classes really outdid themselves with this program. They sang all the old favorites...Up on the Housetop, Jingle Bells, Jolly Old St. Nick, Rudolph, Must Be Santa, and also a couple we had never heard like this C is for Christmas which quickly became a favorite at our house. Spencer did a great job! He is on the front row on the right...short sleeved green collar shirt and blue pants.

Katelyn's Ballet Class Dec. 9th and Christmas Recital Dec. 13, 2008

Katelyn has become even more graceful this year...she is loving her ballet class and she took up a tap class this year too. This was her Christmas performance on December 13th...she was a snowflake. (Incidently, her teacher formed all of the crowns for her class out of silver pipe cleaners, even up close they looked like real tiaras!)
Katelyn is the first one out on stage and on the front row on the right. Sorry it's so fuzzy, we were on the back row.

Matthew's 1st Birthday Nov. 28, 2008

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving...

...from our gaggle of Turkeys! Jay's mom sent us this life size turkey to "protect" our home (he was dressed as a pilgrim complete with gun). He sat inside our front door on his own little chair. He gave me quite a start a couple of times, when I walked in the dark room and saw the outline of someone sitting in a chair!

We had a great Thanksgiving. We drove up to Rexburg for the day and spent it with our Warnick family. It was good to visit with everyone, the food was delicious, and Logan & Jay got their football fix. We are so thankful for so many things, life, health, our family, friends (all over the country), talents, a job that allows Jay to work from our home, a warm home in the cold winter, and testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Logan shoots and scores!

Logan has been bugging me to upload this since November (been a little busy). This was a great play that I actually got on camera from his rec team. He just finished playing for that team last Saturday and has been practicing with a Super League team since the week of Christmas. They played in a tournament over the weekend. They haven't won yet, but all the games were close and they have good potential. So this is Sam to Logan and In...