Friday, July 17, 2009

Katelyn Dance Recital May 9, 2009

Katelyn has been taking ballet and tap again this year. Her recital went very well. She loves it and has learned a lot of new steps...her tap riffs are amazing! Here is a little taste...In the black leotard (Ballet Technique) dance Kate starts on the right side in the short sleeve black leotard and ends up in the middle. In the yellow costume (Ballet Performance Dance)Kate start in the middle, moves to the left side, and in the end is standing up on the back row on the right. In the newsies tap number Katelyn is the one in the brown nickers, light vest and plaid shirt. Enjoy!

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Melanie Sharp said...

She's so good! I wish I could see her live. I may have to ask for a mini-concert :-)