Thursday, February 28, 2008

Matthew is 3 months old today!

Matthew is getting bigger. He has rounder cheeks and is smiling and making lots of cute noises these days. But as you can see from some of the other pictures he's still little compared to Spencer's feet and Emily's hand.

For those of you not at Matthew's baby blessing, this was the pose he struck after the Amen. Jay wasn't going to lift him up, but he couldn't help himself when he saw was as if Matthew was saying, "Wow, what an awesome blessing!" Logan of course refers to it as his touchdown symbol.


Katelyn and Logan had definite ideas this year when it came time to make their Valentine's boxes. Katelyn wanted her box to look like her, so we used felt and left over material from her dress for Kaley & Johnny's wedding and this is what we ended up with. Logan's class was having a competition with different categories. We tried for sportiest and transportation, but in the end he won "funniest" since his "sports car" looked more like a winnebago.

Matthew loves playing with his love puppy from G'ma W.

Katelyn's Haircut...

Ever since Katelyn saw Barbie as Rapunzel she has wanted to grow her hair long. So, all I have been allowed to do is give her a small trim every few months. Well, she came home one day a few weeks ago and had decided she wanted a chin length bob. As you can see we settled on a longer version so we could still pull it up for ballet and just have more styling options.


and AFTER...

She loves it, especially when we comb through it and it isn't a tangled mess!

Spencer's 5th Birthday!

We can't believe our little Spencer is 5. We even went and got him registered for kindergarten last week! He is just growing up. He also decided that he wanted to try playing soccer, so we are waiting to find out which team he's on and when practices start (any day).

Spencer had a fun day complete with his favorite foods: Crepes for breakfast sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, Macaroni and cheese for lunch, and Twisty noodles for dinner (Rotelle noodles with alfredo sauce and carrots). His cake was hilarious, he wanted angel food cake, but we baked it and as soon as it was cool we frosted it, so every time we looked over it had gotten shorter and shorter, I guess next time we need to make it the night before like we did Kate's that way it can set up better and not be the incredible shrinking cake! He now says BLUE is his favorite color! (His birthday was Feb. 5th.)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Katelyn's Baptism

Katelyn was baptized on Saturday, Febrary 2, 2008. She was the only one in our stake to be baptized that day, so we were able to put the whole program together having family members give the talks, prayers, and music. It was a wonderful day.

Katelyn was absolutely glowing.

Katelyn with her Grandparents...