Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Matthew is 2 Weeks Old!

Matthew after his bath...all clean and happy! He has been so fun! He's a little confused that he's supposed to be awake when the sun is out and shining, he prefers to stay up all night and sleep really soundly during the day. Last night he did a little better though. He actually slept for a whole 4 hour block...
Jay and I were so grateful!

Spencer helped me give Matthew his first bath in the sink this morning...We think he liked it, at least more than the sponge baths he's been getting.

Matthew one week old...the last picture it seemed like he was actually saying,
"Enough pictures, Mom, won't you just feed me now?"

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Announcing the Arrival of Matthew J. Warnick

Matthew arrived on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 @ 4:02 pm. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. and is 20" long. He is so cute and we all absolutely adore him. It is so nice to have him here!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween!

"Wingardium Leviosa!" said our little Harry Potter this year! Spencer was so cute and everyone knew who he was supposed to be.

Spencer's favorite part of Halloween was "going trick or treating and getting the Sweetart skeleton bones & pumpkin suckers."

Logan was a mad scientist this year for Halloween. He had a hard time deciding, but finally came up with something on Monday. He was excited because a few people didn't even recognize him. He said a bunch of kids kept stealing his wig and scientific potion.

Logan said his favorite part of Halloween was "eating the candy!" Logan was also able to go to the USU basketball season opener with Jay though, so that may have been a close second to his candy!

Katelyn dressed up as a Renaissance Princess. She loved her costume especially the sparkly gold shoes that she found in her Grandma Patsy's dress ups. She was a busy girl on Halloween going straight from school, to ballet, to the trunk or treat, out trick or treating, and then passed out candy at home.

When asked what her favorite part of Halloween was, she responded, "Carving pumpkins, seeing all the kids in their costumes who came trick or treating to our house, and eating candy."

So, obviously, our kids are candy addicts. We are hoping that once the candy is all gone their sugar levels will go back to normal and that our next visit to the dentist isn't a disaster. All in all though, it was a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves --even Jay who generally isn't a big fan of Halloween.

UEA Fun @ Zollinger Park

We recently had a week off school for Parent Teacher Conferences and UEA. We spent one afternoon at a local park where we ate lunch, played on the playground, tennis, and baseball. It was so much fun! We are trying to soak up as much sunshine as we can before the long winter sets in.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Warnick Family 2007

2007 has been a crazy year for our family. Jay left BYU-I in Nov. 2006 to work for World Class Athletic Surfaces. The company is based in Mississippi and Jay is over distribution in all the Western States. They manufacture and distribute field marking paint and make the stencils for the logos applied to sports fields. They also sell just about everything and anything to maintain sports fields.

This picture was taken the day before Easter 2007 with the Easter Bird (Jay's mom).

This was the last week of this year that Emily felt like herself, due to the fact that we are expecting a new baby boy on December 5th. This has been the most difficult of our pregnancies and Emily spent much of the spring and summer nonfunctional on the couch or in bed. Because of her lack of activity, she developed a large Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clot) in her left leg and was hospitalized for 4 days in May. Her doctors put her on a subcutaneous injection of blood thinners which Jay administers daily in her stomach and she gets to wear thigh high compression stockings 24-7. It has been such a blessing to have Jay working out of our home and he is glad Emily is feeling better so he doesn't have to do everything. He was amazing with all the things he did for everyone. Now, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new little one in about 7 weeks.

During all of this our house in Rexburg was up for sale and we relocated to Providence, UT at the end of June. Jay needed to be closer to the Salt Lake airport and we decided to come back to the Cache Valley. We have absolutely loved it here and feel like we have returned home (this is where Jay and Emily met and Jay's almamater).

Logan spent the beginning of the year playing basketball and the spring playing baseball. Jay was his coach for both teams and they both enjoyed it. This year he tried out pitching and ended up being the most consistent on the team. He also spent some time behind the plate as catcher when the other pitchers were in. Logan continues to excel in school. His 4th grade teacher Mrs. Smith said if all of her students were like Logan she wouldn't ever have a problem in class. Logan continues to be an avid reader and can spell anything. He has enjoyed having his own room in our new house and decided that he wanted to decorate it with airplanes. He was able to help and watch the air show put on through the Legacy Flight Museum in Rexburg this summer. (His grandpa, Loyd, is very involved over there and has included Jay and Logan in a number of activities.)

Katelyn spent the spring dancing again with Cindy's Dance Connection in Rexburg. She was able to finish her tour of performances before we moved. They performed tap and ballet numbers and even threw in a little Jazz this year. She was great! Katelyn continues to be good at anything and everything that she tries. She has dabbled a little in piano and this summer took up cross-stitching. She, too, loves to read and is always getting all of the neighborhood kids (Spencer's age) to attend her school, where she loves to "teach" them all of her knowledge. Since moving to Providence, she is enrolled in the Civic Ballet. We were sad to give up on tap, since she was so good at that, but this has been good for her and her instructor just happened to be our realtor. Kate was a little disappointed at first to find out that she is having another brother instead of a sister, but now she is just excited to have a baby around and be able to help. She is enjoying her teachers and had already made a whole bunch of friends by the end of the first week at school.

Spencer is still our happy, well-adjusted little man. He was the best helper while Emily was so sick and took such good care of her. He has become the social director in our new neighborhood, with 3 friends just his age next door and directly across the street. That's all he wants to do everyday, "Mom, I think I'll go play with my friends now." Spencer is excited to be the big brother and to share his room with the baby. We just bought some paint and we are going to fix it all up for the little boys in the coming weeks. Spencer is learning all the letters, sounds, numbers, etc. Jay and Emily were surprised this summer when he started writing his name on all of his papers, since we don't know where he picked that up...maybe at Katelyn's school? He has enjoyed, as well as all the kids, being closer to our Goates cousins who are just their ages. He's always asking when he can play with Molly again.

The kids all loved the summer in our new house mostly due to the trampoline that the previous owners left and the slip and slide that Jay rigged up for them down the hill in the back yard. They also took swimming lessons at the Aquatics Center and had a great time with that. They were ready to go back to school though and even though they miss their friends, they seem to be enjoying their new surroundings. We have spent a good amount of time frequenting Aggie ice cream and have gone on some drives up the canyons and visited the parks around town. On one trip to the Ranch (where Emily's parents live) Katelyn and Spencer were able to ride horses and everyone loved swimming at the swimming hole.

Providence Elementary

Logan and Katelyn started school this year on Aug. 23rd at Providence Elementary in Logan, UT. Logan is in the 5th grade. His teacher is Mrs. Glover.

Katelyn is in the 2nd grade and has team teachers, Mrs. Darley and Mrs. Rees.

Spencer is our big preschooler (we moved here too late to get him into a real preschool, so mom is helping him play letter and number games at home to get him ready for kindergarten next fall.)