Thursday, October 18, 2007

Providence Elementary

Logan and Katelyn started school this year on Aug. 23rd at Providence Elementary in Logan, UT. Logan is in the 5th grade. His teacher is Mrs. Glover.

Katelyn is in the 2nd grade and has team teachers, Mrs. Darley and Mrs. Rees.

Spencer is our big preschooler (we moved here too late to get him into a real preschool, so mom is helping him play letter and number games at home to get him ready for kindergarten next fall.)


Shauna said...

I love this!! our friends have been after us to get one also. It is so fun to see your kids and what they are up to. We hope you are feeling well...Love Rich, Shauna, and the boys

snakerivermama said...

Just this morning I was thinking about Katelyn as I dropped Harry off for school. I wondered if you'd had your baby yet since I couldn't remember your due date. I'm glad that you're settled in and loving your new place so much. I'm certain Katelyn is just thriving. Harry was so excited to get her letter. We are all bracing for Halloween tonight. The candy affect isn't usually too bad until tomorrow. Thanks for writing and what a cool blog. I started one a few months ago but never posted on it since I don't know how to upload my pictures from my camera---excuses! Anyway. If I get around to doing the blog I'll send you the link.
:) Tricia Galer

Kim Goates said...

Wow I love it. How fun to see your family photos and read about everyone. It is like having an updated Christmas letter all year long.