Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy New Year!

Jay has said since we got married how much he wants a, I broke down and bought him one this year for Christmas. Okay, so it wasn't exactly what he was hoping for;) We spent a few days putting it together and it will shortly find a place on a wall in his office. Logan also got a puzzle of something he!


Heather said...

That is soo funny! Looks like a LOT of hard work! but, a great idea. and FUN to do!

us said...

Alli and I have been doing puzzles like crazy lately. I can't wait til she is older and can do those super cool big ones. How fun.

Amy and Troy said...

What is it with men and motorcycles? My husband would love one too, but won't ever own one if I have anything to say about it... and I do! :) Nice to see all the updates, you guys have such a cute family!