Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jay!

Tomorrow is Jay's Birthday...he is on a business trip in Tennesee so we thought we would show a few pictures and brag him up a bit, so he would know that we love him and are missing him and wishing we could make his day great! We are going to have to celebrate all week just to make it up to him.

Jay was born September 20, 1970 to Loyd and Jane Warnick in Upland, CA. He is the youngest of 5 and I'm told that all of his older siblings adored him and between his mom and sisters he really had 4 mothers. He grew up moving back and forth a few times from CA to UT. He loved playing baseball growing up and has enjoyed coaching all of Logan's teams these past few years.

Jay graduated from Taylorsville High School, Ricks College (Journalism), and Utah State University with a degree in Horticulture. He served an LDS mission to Milwaulkee, Wisconsin. He spent the first 11 years of our marriage and his career as a fields director and groundskeeper for the University of Utah, BYU-ID, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Seattle Seahawks. (Hence all the moving). He now works for World Class Athletic Surfaces and sells the paint, stencils, and all to keep the games going.

Jay is such a wonderful person. He is a loyal friend and companion. He never says anything negative about anyone. He is a fantastic husband and father to our 4 children. He is always trying to figure out who needs a little help and has helped countless people with sprinklers, landscapes (both design and installation) and helped the masses move in and out of different neighborhoods (the joys of owning a truck). He sang in a quartet in our Salt Lake neighborhood for a year or so in 2000. He loves fly fishing and airplanes. If he has one unfulfilled dream in his life it is to be a pilot. He still has hopes of owning a motorcycle or an airplane...we'll see. His favorite color is green and he was recently called as the Elder's Quorum President in our new ward (they just split our huge ward).

There is a lot more to Jay than all of this, but I hope I hit some of the high points and you learned something new about him. We love him lots and hope he has a great day. Jay is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am so thankful to be his wife. Happy Birthday Jay!


Lindsey Montague said...

What a sweet post, Em. Happy Birthday Jay!!

(By the way we totally get HUGE wards. We have 16 of them and are finally splitting the stake next month!)

Does Jay know Dave Pulsipher, from Taylorsville High? They would be the same age.

Warnick Family said...

Happy Birthday, Jay!! Hope it's great! And, I did learn something new about you...I didn't know that you were a singer! We hope you all are doing well! Miss you lots! Luv ya--Cara

Stacey said...

Happy birthday to Jay, and happy anniversary you both! Isn't it crazy how fast time flies?! We got married just a few months before you, and I can't believe it's already been 13 years! We remember comming to your wedding reception. The pictures are great. You guys look the same as you did 13 years ago!

The Goates said...

Happy Birthday Jay!!
Great post Em.

The Goates said...
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Melanie Sharp said...

Happy Birthday Jay! We didn't call since we knew he was out and about for business. Hope it was a wonderful day.

And Happy Anniversary yesterday!

Dave and Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Jay! We want you to know how much we love you. Hope you had a great Birthday even though you are very far away. That is such a fitting and special tribute Emily wrote about special. I just want you to know how blessed I feel to be your sister. You are the best brother anyone could ask for! LOVE YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

snakerivermama said...

Such nice things to say about Jay. Wish you guys lived closer so we could hang out more often! Our kids are well-matched in age if not gender! Harry has written Katelyn back already but we pitched the envelope w/the address. Let me know so we can pop this letter in the mail before it gets buried in a pile! :)Tricia

Johnny and Kaley Graham said...

Happy Birthday Jay, I don't know if you got your text. We texted you from the ASU vs. UGA game while you were at the Tennessee Florida game. How was that? Other than a blowout I'm sure it was fun. We hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

Emily great post! I actually did learn a few things too! You two are the greatest! Love you!