Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008

This year Halloween was a little different...the elementary school decided to do parent teacher conferences the day before, so there was no school for two days, the kids didn't wear their costumes to school or really have class parties. They did the carnival indoors on Halloween (how they always do it in Rexburg). A lot of people were bugged though because usually it is earlier in the school year and outside where there is more room for people to get around. We sort of threw costumes together with what we had and our only purchases were Katelyn's witches' hat and broom. We did carve pumpkins too, but couldn't find our digital camera for a few weeks, so had to use our old 35mm and haven't developed them yet.

Logan decided to dress up as Jaycee Carroll (he was the star of the USU basketball team last year...he has now graduated and is playing in Italy this year). Logan was funny, he kept saying well since this is my last year of Halloween (dressing up, trick or treating, etc)... He thinks he is too old and mature to participate.
Katelyn was a witch this year, and a very cute one at that! She dressed in black and used Spencer's Spiderman cape (thanks Di) and wore the orange Halloween socks my mom sent. She loved trick or treating this year and didn't want to stop to come home for dinner.
Spencer wanted to dress up as Harry Potter again this year which was great for us. He is so cute and everyone could always tell right off who he was.

Matthew was our little giraffe. This was a costume that Spencer wore a few years ago, but Spencer was older and liked the hat...Matthew wasn't so sure.
We had a fun day...it was beautiful and warm which was a welcome switch from the freezing, snowing, windy, cold Halloweens in our past. Logan had school, but it was Friday, so he got out early. Then we went downtown to trick or treat at the businesses. After that we came home and got ready to go to the carnival at the school. We trick or treated our neighborhood, had some soup at the neighbor's, and I passed out candy with the little ones while Logan and Jay went to the first USU basketball game of the season.


Johnny and Kaley said...

How cute! Logan looks every bit the part. He has the height for it that is for sure. Kate looks adorable! Her hair is getting long, she looks beautiful. Harry, I mean Spencer too cute. I love the Giraffe! I love that he hated the hat too. What a cute personality he has! What a fun Halloween.

Shauna said...

Where does the time go!? Mathew is turning one, Logan is taller than I am (which is really no surprise I just thought it would take a few more years,) Spencer in Kindergarten, and Katelyn looking so grown up! We can't wait to see you before you add any more height or haircuts:) Love you!

Heather said...

Ok! so i am sure i have seen your blog! YAY! ooh! i can NOT believe your kids emily! what on earth!? they are soo dang cute!!! i can't believe them!!! ooh love the outfits for halloween! how fun!!! love them! miss you guys!