Thursday, June 19, 2008

Katelyn's 2nd Grade Program and Dance Recital

Katelyn's end of the year program was wonderful! The 2nd grade spent all year learning about and doing service for their families, community, country, world, environment, etc., so it was all about that. The slide show was also broken down into each service project, one a month, and the songs were's a little sample of it.

Katelyn also performed in May at the Ellen's Ecceles Theater on Main Street in her Ballet Recital. She was in two numbers, one was to showcase the techniques they have been learning this year and the other one was more for fun (they were dressed like kittens). She stole the show. Jay's and my parents both came, as well as my grandparents and sister, Merilee.

The Young Women in our ward had a dance camp as a Girls' Camp fundraiser. They invited all the primary aged girls (3-11) to come and learn a dance from "High School Musical." They practiced for 3 days and then performed that night. Katelyn LOVED it! I had a number of people come up to me at the performance who were involved with teaching the dance, and a bunch of others just watching to tell me what a great dancer she was. I just thought it was a great idea for the overhead, 3 days and it was over, they made tons of money, and everyone had a fabulous time.

Katelyn is also now in Activity Days for the 8-11 year old girls. The past month they have been working on a Mother/Daughter party where the girls all picked and modeled a modest summer outfit. It was fun! They had the girls fill out a spotlight including their favorites which they read as the girls walked around the stage. Some of the girls walked as fast as they could, so they were still talking about them well after they had exited the stage, others were just hamming it up. One of the little, shy girls in our Primary class blew a kiss to the crowd at her last pose was great! Then we all had cheesecake and each mother and daughter had their picture taken in front of the beach props on the stage.

Katelyn is still always wanting to be around Matthew and is so loving and helpful with her little brothers. She loves making them laugh and Jay & I are always trying to settle them all down so we can eat our meals....maybe someday we'll have manners!

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Melanie Sharp said...

You can just tell she is glowing after those performances (especially since she has beautiful flowers in her hand!) So fun...