Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spencer & Matthew

I know we are posting a lot of pictures of these two, but they are the ones home with me all day. Matthew went to his 4 month well check and we are growing a giant! The nurse measured his length twice because she couldn't believe it could be right - he was almost 27" long (95+% for his age). He also weighed in at 16 lbs. 6 oz. (80%). He is very "talkative" now, loves it when his brothers and sister interact with him, and tries to pull away from your support when sitting on your lap. He likes to look around and hold his toys, too. Matthew was sleeping through the nights most of the time, but has reverted back to getting up once or twice again, usually just when I have fallen asleep...we're hoping it's just a phase.


Melanie Sharp said...

So cute! Those boys look so much alike and I can't believe how big Matthew is getting! What a blast - you're such a great mom.

Melanie Sharp said...

P.S. I think we have the same glider. Phil got it for me for Christmas...random that we'd end up with the same one.